Now you can follow 24/7 news headlines from various RSS sources on the net. With over 70 preset channels from Yahoo! News, Reuters, CNET News, and Google, you can expect newest headlines on your desktop. Got more favourite RSS feed of your own? No problem. Just add them to NVoy, and get ready for some serious information overload! Is it going to rain today? Well, check it out on NVoy! The new weather information feature includes forecast for over 9000 cities around the world. You will get today's forecast, temperatures, next day's hi/lo temps, forecast, plus some other useful information. Try this feature today! Investing on hot tech stocks? Now you can track them with NVoy! All you have to know is the symbol of the stock, and in which market it is traded, and NVoy will give information on current price, opening, market cap, chart and some other info. There are 50 markets around the world to choose from.

Feature list includes:

  • 100% Java code, with native launcher (for Windows)
  • Compact, skinnable user interface (Swing based)
  • New stock-tracking capability (Yahoo! Financial)
  • New weather info feature
  • XML-based configuration
  • Headline saving capability (.rss format)
  • Add your own RSS feed sources

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